Oculus Rift

  • Install your Oculus Rift device and set the Extend Desktop to the HMD mode.
  • Set the Extend Desktop to the HMD mode in the Oculus Rift config utility.
  • Check both headset and the sensor are working correctly.
The app have been tested with the Oculus Rift SDK 2.

Leap Motion

  • Install your Leap Motion device and update the software for better performance.
  • Attach it to the Oculus Rift in order to use in Head Mounted mode.
  • Check the device is working properly, adjust the light in your room.
  • You can use the Leap Motion App Home to do some tests.


Install your Game Pad and check it is working fine. We recommend to the Microsoft XBox controller.

The game pad will be only used to walk forward and backward.

We recommend Mozilla Firefox web browser to use the app.